Naniwa danshi diamond smile

Your sparkling smile is so sweet stone. Bright illusion. Oh Diamond Smile Shine. Your Diamond Smile Dream.


Ichibyou saki wa motto motto motto kagayaku. It gets brighter seconds after seconds.

[Stage mix] Diamond Smile - Naniwa Danshi (Kansai Johnny's Jr.)

Aishichatte aishichatte aishichatte. Ii janai ka more. Towa ni karaoke. Make it sparkle forever. Wow Sekai ni hitotsusa tokubetsu na sono Smile. Kyou no tameiki furimuita ashita no kimi. You sighed as you looked over the future you. Kimi ni niawanai yo. Hora wankaratto 1-carat no hitomi eyes nozoki kimeba. If I look into your scintillating eyes.

naniwa danshi diamond smile

Sui komaresou sa gyutto. It feels like I might get absorbed into them. Tsunaida te wo mata nigirishimeta. Once again, I grasped your hand tightly.I hope everyone had a great start of the year. It is going to be an exciting year for Tokyo indeed with the much anticipated Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics coming in summer. They only released uchiwa as the concert good this time, and arranged a pre-sales date on 29th December at Tokyo International Forum. Even at the Dome sales area, lines were pretty long too.

Different from the KinKi Kids concert, for the countdown concert, they only open the ticket sales to fanclub members, meaning you can still ballot for at most 2 tickets but when you apply, you have to enter the FC accounts for yourself and the other person you are going with.

I got a stand seat at the 3rd base which was considered pretty good to get an overall view since there were 3 stages — main, centre and back for this concert. Before the TV broadcast which started at pm, the concert began at pm with the below groups performing. While one group is singing, another group will be on standby at another stage or simply walking past your area waving to fans. We all know Fuma is on good terms with Sakurai Sho in private with their similar education background both are from Keio University.

Kis-My-Ft2 A. Can go! We were all expecting to keep their debut songs for the TV broadcast part since SixTones and Snow Man already performed some songs before the TV broadcast. Sexy Zone — Kirin no ko A. We all had a big surprise when Yamapi and Kame announced that they will have some concert tour as Shuji to Akira this year too! After the TV broadcast ended at am, they did some closing remarks for another 10 minutes before the concert ended.

It was too funny seeing how Maru Kanjani8 was trying to give some witty remarks for each group. By the time I actually got home, it was past am. Thank you!!! Thank you for reading!!! Add Comment.

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Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Post Comment. Happy to everyone!!! Entrance of Tokyo Dome. The concert panel. Super long lines to get concert goods. Facebook Twitter Pinterest LinkedIn. About Me.Hello guys!

I'm back with Lil Kansai 'Miraiyer' lyrics! This song actually was made for their newest reality show with the same title. If there is any mistyped please inform me on my curiouscat. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. October 8th,pm. Hello this is user ecarlatie, i'm a fans of Johnny's group mainly Lil Kansai and Naniwa Danshi and i'm still a newbie here. As an introduction, you can call me by Chi, i'm 16 years old and currently living in Indonesia. Content i will post here is song file, lyrics and sometimes raw file of Lil Kansai variety show.

All of the file i posted are locked except song file and lyrics, if you want to know the decryption key kindly dm me.

naniwa danshi diamond smile

I'm also available on another platform such as twitter all of my account got suspended but my are nishitakus, and mainly ebleues See you and nice to meet you!

February 7th,pm. January 4th,am. Hello Guys!

4l60e pdf

Lil Kansai appeared in a reality show which they will do a food report and things! I don't know what is the english translation of the title but seems like it's 'Adult Staircase Tour' ps.

I uploaded it in p quality MEGA January 2nd,pm. This time is kinda unique because the mv have a storyline but since it was region locked as usual i'll distribute it here with the making. October 24th,am. Start airing October 23th and will have four episode.

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Good news are coming, Lil Kansai are officially being a reguler on reality show Miraiyer and they will share some useful tips and information.

Ongaku no tanoshimu Mirai Not just listening! Mirai enjoying music?! October 18th,pm. October 13th,am.Since ?!!! Plus it was even in February! A lot has happened since then I've finished med or mad school, been through internship and followed with a long wait before housemanship. I never thought that I could last this long tbh. I guess it's just my luck.

And now, who would ever thought I'll be working in the department that I once feared of When suddenly, that day came I was shocked, I was devastated I cried so hard. I have no where else to vent my frustrations or to share my sadness. I'm basically coping with sadness alone.

Johnny’s Countdown Concert 2019-2020

My RL friend that used to be in the Arashi fandom together has been out of the fandom since she finished med school. I became lonely. I don't blame her either - our schedules were insane. I've basically shut myself out from social media, so I don't share my feelings in FB or insta. My family members don't support my fandom life,I don't even have twitter at that time After some time, I tried to comfort myself by rationalizing myself - all these while, Arashi has give me and other fans happiness, and now after 20years of working their asses for their fans, isn't it the time for them to take a seat back and relax.

Those 20years must have been so hard for them, so try to understand their situation I'm sure it is not an easy decision, but thus far, they kept their words to keep being closer with their fans They really try their best, with the time that's left, to keep their fans happy. Not even with Nino's marriage announcement. I love Nino so much, I am so happy with his marriage!Valentine's Day has come and gone but it's not too late to celebrate the love between members and the February birthdays of Naniwa Danshi 's Fujiwara Joichiro Feb 8 and Takahashi Kyohei Feb 28!

While MC Nishihata Daigo conducts an interview with the two birthday boys to help introduce them to the channel, the remaining 4 members divide up into teams and get to work making a special chocolate-based birthday treat.

Kiesza - hideaway (official music video) lyrics

And true to the spirit of Kansai, they get really creative, mixing and matching a variety of different ingredients to create the, um, "perfect" meal. The final stage is a taste test wherein the birthday boys choose who made the best chocolate surprise. No matter who wins, it's safe to say that Jo and Kyohei will be among the losers. And don't miss Naniwa Danshi's live performance of their original song Diamond Smilenow with English subtitles! Log in to comment. Night Mode. Upvote if you think more people should see this post!

Sometimes, it's the thought that counts. Other times, one should think a little harder Are you an international fan on reddit?


Share this article. Johnny's Jr. Naniwa Danshi. Sakurai Sho says he dreamt about Arashi everyday for 20 days since hiatus. Taking a look at Ayumi Hamasaki's Legacy. Drama ' It's a Best 5 round-up with HiHi Jets! Don't miss your chance to submit questions!Hi, I'm Mari, just a regular idol otaku from Spain. I've been in love with idols for a long time now mainly 2D idols though since I was an anime otaku before becoming an idol one and my love for them has only increased after falling in love with IRL idols.

I've only started supporting them, but I already love Naniwa Danshi a lot, and I really them to succeed and reach the top! My oshi in NaniDan is probably Michi although I love them all but I also love JoiKazu combi their work as asucana is incredible, as a honeyworks and nanidan fan I'm supper happy about this project.

naniwa danshi diamond smile

I think that's all, I'm sorry for not being interesting but I hope that this introduction helps to get to know me!! I don't really know how to use Livejournal and I'm a new user but I'll do my best to figure out how to manage it ww. Log in No account? Create an account. Remember me. January 18th,pm. I think my favorite songs are probably Kaguya, Diamond Smile and Naniwa lucky boy.

I don't really know how to use Livejournal and I'm a new user but I'll do my best to figure out how to manage it ww Yoroshiku :. Tags introduction.Here is the home of our very best football betting predictions and tips. Our expect football tipsters spend countless hours each day picking out the very best bets for you. We cover a lot of different bets, meaning you will never be stuck again. Even when you think it is a quite day of football, you can bet our tipster has found a hidden gem bet for you.

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